Florida Auto Insurance

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Florida Auto Insurance finding the right auto insurance for you means staying up-to-date on States requirements. From legal regulations to common coverage levels for Allstate policyholders in your area. We have the helpful information you need to get the protection you deserve. Contact an agent to better understand the different types of coverage in your area. The insurance rate you are gives is base on many factors including your driving record, your age, where you live, and the kind of car you drive.

Florida Auto Insurance you drivers license is in good status you will be eligible for better rates and if you live in a busy the city your insurance rates will be higher than smaller, less congested towns. Florida Auto Insurance providers do not figure their rates the same way so you will receive different rates for the same driver.

Best Auto Insurance Companies in Florida

GEICO, State Farm, and Progressive, three of the largest companies in Florida. Perform better than average as well with underweight complaint index numbers. At the other end were Direct General, Equity Florida Auto Insurance Company. And Windhaven, which received the most complaints relative to their market share size.

Rank Company Premiums Market Share Complaint Index
1 Amica $97,835,009 0.7% 0.1615
2 Allied 162,952,076 1.2% 0.2908
3 Auto-Owners 210,795,787 1.5% 0.3747
4 Florida Farm Bureau 113,513,117 0.8% 0.4175
5 Progressive 1,675,515,168 12.2% 0.4242
6 State Farm 2,454,488,840 17.9% 0.4505
7 Allstate 1,463,225,161 10.7% 0.4642
8 Bristol West 197,420,501 1.4% 0.4801
9 AAA 122,943,164 0.9% 0.5139
10 USAA 721,969,590 5.3% 0.5251
11 Safeco 190,901,607 1.4% 0.5792
12 Nationwide 80,526,509 0.6% 0.5885
13 MetLife 156,288,875 1.1% 0.6064
14 Travelers 365,551,924 2.7% 0.6914
15 GEICO 2,511,946,521 18.3% 0.6980
16 21st Century 268,896,040 2.0% 0.7049
17 Esurance 209,337,931 1.5% 0.7546
18 Liberty Mutual 272,746,839 2.0% 0.9266
19 Hartford 212,139,389 1.5% 0.9680
20 Mercury Insurance 92,266,768 0.7% 1.0272
21 Sentry 59,639,090 0.4% 1.8540
22 Infinity Auto 330,966,795 2.4% 2.0522
23 National General 97,969,731 0.7% 2.0960
24 GAINSCO 91,743,046 0.7% 3.4434
25 United Automobile 164,594,760 1.2% 5.5661
26 Imperial Fire & Casualty 39,166,251 0.3% 6.0494
27 Ocean Harbor / Pearl Holding Group 117,529,782 0.9% 6.3166
28 Windhaven Insurance 107,726,292 0.8% 6.5982
29 Equity Ins Co 36,578,553 0.3% 7.7729
30 Direct General 195,256,514 1.4% 7.8470

FL Auto Insurance Requirements

Florida is a no-fault insurance state. If you are injured in an accident, your car insurance will pay your medical costs up to your policy’s limits.

The minimum limits for Florida car insurance coverage are:-

  • $10,000 of no-fault or personal injury protection (PIP) insurance.
  • $10,000 of property damage liability (PDL) insurance.

Personal Injury Protection

In addition to covering your part of any medical expenses and income loss that result from a car accident, your Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, insurance will also cover:

  • Your child and other members of your household.
  • Your child (when he or she is riding on a school bus).
  • You (when you are a pedestrian or bicyclist involved in a car accident.)
  • Passengers in your car who do not have their own PIP insurance and do not own a car.

Anyone in your car who has PIP car insurance will be covered by his or her own policy if you get in a car accident. Likewise, your PIP car insurance will cover you while you are a passenger in someone else’s car.

Property Damage Liability

Property Damage Liability (PDL) auto insurance in Florida will cover you for damages you cause in a car accident to someone else’s property, such as homes or buildings.

Violation Penalties and Fines

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) requires your insurance company to electronically notify them if there is a cancellation of your insurance policy.

If the DHSMV has no record of your current car insurance policy, you will be notified by mail. The notification will give you a date of suspension. If you are not able to provide the DHSMV a proof of insurance before the suspension date, your driver’s license, plates, and registration will all be suspended.

To reinstate these, you will have to provide proof of Florida auto insurance and pay a fee of:-

  • $150 for your first offense.
  • $250 for your second offense.
  • $500 for each offense after.

If you are able to provide proof of insurance to the DHSMV before the date of suspension, you will not face any penalties.

You can provide your proof of insurance:

  • Online at the.
  • By phone at (850) 617-2000.

Florida Commercial Auto Insurance

How do you know if you need to purchase a commercial Florida Auto Insurance policy?  There are some businesses that require you to have a commercial policy and some that you can still get by with just your personal coverage.  If you work as a self employed business person,  only work part time, don’t drive over 100 miles per day and don’t use your vehicle to transport others, you may be covered by your personal coverage.Your personal policy will not cover your vehicle when you start using it solely for business purposes like making deliveries, allowing other drivers to use your vehicle for business reasons, transporting others for business purposes or using it for other business related uses.  That’s when you need to get commercial auto that will allow for higher liability coverage for you and your employees, and additional vehicles.


When you get a commercial auto policy you will have greater liability coverage as well as additional protections not covered by a personal policy.  Commercial coverage will cover you and any employe you may have when driving other vehicles, even if they aren’t owne your company.  It can also have options for covering additional items that may be lost or destroyed in an accident as long as they are business related, like tools, for instance.

Florida Car Insurance

Florida Auto Insurance has some unique qualities compared with insurance in other states, and we’ll help you understand it all. Here we provide Florida auto insurance requirements, our recommendations for the coverage you should buy, and insurance laws that are specific to Florida. Also, you can see average car insurance rates for nearly every ZIP code in Florida to help inform you as you shop for auto insurance in the Sunshine State.
 Florida Auto Insurance May be you’re driving from the southern Withlacoochee River near Dade City to the northern Withlacoochee River near Live Oak (yes, there are two Withlacoochee Rivers in Florida, and they are not connected to each other). Or perhaps you’re head to a more common Florida destination—the beach, a theme park, or the grocery store. Regardless of your route, every driver in Florida needs Florida Auto Insurance coverage.

Florida auto insurance coverage options

Titan offers coverage options for every type of driver and vehicle. Check out the policy coverage options and contact Titan to learn more about. Why we are one of the top car insurance companies in Florida. Coverage options include:

  • Liability
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Uninsured/under insured motorist
  • Personal injury protection (PIP)
  • Towing and labor
  • Loss of use
  • Special equipment coverage
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts

Florida auto insurance discount options

Car insurance may be more affordable than you think—Titan’s Florida Auto Insurance discounts are just another way we strive to help you find cheap car insurance in Florida. Review the discounts below and call a representative today. Discounts include

  • Multi-policy
  • Multi-vehicle
  • Advance quote
  • Anti-theft
  • Accident prevention course
  • Military
  • Good student

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