What is Accident Insurance: All You Need to Know

Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance is one shield that keeps you financially protected in times of adversities. We offer the best insurance plans that efficiently cover your accidental claims & medical expenses Accident Insurance.

Accident Insurance events that are consider under the insurance policy include air, road. And rail, injury because of any collision or fall, drowning, burn injury, etc. Such policies diligently safeguard you and your dependents (as per the case). From severe financial repercussions in case of any unfortunate events.

Accident Insurance Plan

Accident Insurance can happen to anyone irrespective of the time or place. Its impact on the victim’s life those dependent on him/her can vary from small to big permanent to temporary. Apollo Munich understands ‘life is precious’ and prepare you against life’s uncertainties. With personal accident insurance that cover a number of eventualities.

The policy compensates the nominee with a fixed sum insured in the event of accidental death of the policyholder. Whereas in case of partial or total permanent disability. Compensation is in the form of fixed sum insure, as per the scale provide in the policy. The policy also covers you for any hospitalization or outpatient expenses you may incur on account of Accident Insurance.

Apollo Munich individual personal accident insurance policy is issue for the perioed of one year. And compensates for injuries sustained, occurred anywhere in the world.

Full-time accident insurance

If you are self-employe, a student, have an office job or are at home. You are eligible for full-time accident insurance.

Full-time accident insurance covers you 24 hours a day. We also recommend this insurance if

  • As an employe, you are not sufficiently insure during working hours.
  • Want a financial supplement to the mandatory industrial injury insurance.
  • You have a job that is hard to separate from your spare time.

Leisure accident insurance

Leisure accident insurance covers you when you’re not at work. The insurance also covers accidents that happen to or from work. When you are not covere industrial injury insurance. We recommend that you buy leisure accident insurance when

  • You don’t have a job where you are subject to risky and dangerous tasks.
  • If You want a financial safety net to support you in case you get in your spare time.
  • You are covere the mandatory industrial injury insurance, but want extra peace of mind when you’re not working.

Accident Insurance Policy: Additional Features

  • Hospital Daily Cash :In the case of hospitalization as a result of an accident, the injure person is offered a fixed amount of medication. The number of days for such payments are however mention in the Accident Insurance plan.

  • Ambulance Expenses :The charges paid to an ambulance to ferry the injure person to the nearest hospital are waive off under the policy

  • Broken Bones :There is a provision of a fixed amount payment for broken bones result because of an accidental mishap.

  • Education Advantage :In the case of the demise of the policyholder in an accident, the education expenses of the depend child are covere under the policy up to a certain limit.

  • Repatriation or Transportation of the Mortal remains :In case a person passes away in an unfortunate accident, the cost of transportation. His mortal remains from the demise site to the hospital or cremation ground. Or home is covere under a Accident Insurance Policy.
  • Burns :If the policyholder sustains burns because of a mishap. The policy offers a percentage of benefit as entitled under the Accident Insurance plan.

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